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Embrace the tranquility of the countryside with our countryside properties. These listings offer expansive lands, scenic views, and a peaceful retreat from city life. Ideal for those seeking privacy, natural beauty, and a slower pace, our countryside properties provide the perfect escape. Whether you're looking to farm, build a rural home, or simply enjoy open spaces, our listings offer numerous possibilities. Find your perfect countryside property and enjoy a serene lifestyle surrounded by nature's splendor.

Circuito Cabernet

Located within the esteemed Viñedos San Miguel, Circuito Cabernet Oriente No. 11, is an expansive 1,015.74 m2 residence seamlessly blending luxury living with the serene

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Rancho Montecillo

6 hectares in Atotonilco. Great investment opportunity on the road to El Monasterio.Just next to Boutique Hotel CASA ADELA.With water and electricity. Horse stables and

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Casa Vista Picachos

Casa Vista Picachos, a stylish, modern, 4-bedroom, 5-bath retreat, offers stunning, unobstructed views of the Picacho Mountains. This peaceful home is the perfect place to

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Casona de La Canal

Casona de la Canal, celebrated for its seamless blend of interior and exterior spaces, offers an exclusive and captivating experience across every facet of the

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Lote Cabernet

Lote Cabernet is nestled in a wonderful development “Vinedo San Miguel” just a few minutes drive from San Miguel de Allende, easy access to the

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Casa La Presita

The house is built in the traditional colonial style with whitewashed walls, terracotta tile floors, and wooden beams. The main entrance opens to a large

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Casa Pastoral

Solace in the lap of comfort Nestled amidst the tranquil embrace of nature’s bounty, the duplex property stood as a testament to modern elegance and

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