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Live in the <strong>historic charm of Independencia</strong>, where cobblestone streets meet modern amenities. This neighborhood offers stunning views, rich history, and a strong sense of community. <strong>Discover homes in Independencia</strong> that combine tradition with contemporary living. Start your journey in this culturally rich area today.

The Loft House

Experience the epitome of loft-style living in this magnificent home, exuding the essence of a Soho-inspired loft. With its unique blend of contemporary design and

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The Tree House

Introducing “The Tree House,” a distinctive modern-industrial marvel located in the heart of Colonia Independencia. Unlike the traditional San Miguel style homes, this avant-garde residence

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Casa Trina

This beautiful home is located in the growing area of Independencia. It is a beautiful home full of natural light, a very nice garden and

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Casa de Amor

Nestled within the enchanting heart of San Miguel de Allende’s historic Colonia Independencia, this exquisite residence beckons with its timeless charm and distinctive features. This

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