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Find your sanctuary in Obraje, a serene neighborhood nestled amidst nature. Known for its peaceful ambiance and stunning views, Obraje is ideal for those seeking tranquility while remaining close to the city center. Discover homes in Obraje and enjoy a balanced lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty.

Casa Privada

Welcome to this charming house located in the center of San Miguel de Allende, in a quiet private street that offers an oasis of calm

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Casa Dos Patios

Introducing Casa Dos Patios, an exquisite home located in the sought-after neighborhood of El Obraje. Nestled close to the popular Fabrica La Aurora, Parque Zeferino,

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Ribera de Santa Maria 19

This exquisite home, designed by renowned architect Luis Sanchez Renero, seamlessly blends modern minimalism with natural beauty. The clean walls, double-height living and dining room

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Casa del Tigre

Great property , 3 bedrooms and one in the ground level . The house has a nice distribution giving every space their own privacy . 

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Casa Lola

This beautiful Mexican Contemporary home was designed and built by a well-known architect in San Miguel:  Barry Shapiro.  This open concept and very bright home

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