Zona Centro San Miguel de Allende

Centro is a larger central section of town that includes and surrounds Centro Historico. It encompasses parts of the hillsides above and below the historic zone, as well as the southern area leading to Juarez Park and the northern area behind the Ignacio Ramirez Market. Centro is a highly desirable residential area in San Miguel. In addition to the historic zone, Centro features peaceful pockets, hillside locations with spectacular views, hushed thoroughfares, and Juarez Park, around which you’ll find some of the most luxurious (and expensive) homes in San Miguel de Allende. A Centro address has cachet. It’s popular with owners and renters, since you can enjoy the activities of town without needing a car.

Villa Joyosa

Welcome to Villa Joyosa…. this home is truly one of the most spectacular and majestic properties to come to the market in over 30 years.

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Casa Cinco Patios

Casa Cinco Patios is a casual home with a proven track record as an income producing property. The house is spacious, colorful, well-manicured, and very

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La Noria Calle Organos

This gated community in San Miguel de Allende Centro offers 3 bedroom homes with unique design, excellent details, great light, patios, rooftop terraces with pergola

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Centro Callejon

The splendor of San Miguel living starts as you enter this amazing property tucked in a lovely quiet street right in the heart of Centro.

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Hotel Plaza Cristal

Located in one of the best locations in San Miguel de Allende, Hotel Plaza Cristal is one of the finest investment opportunities in Centro. Just

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Quebrada 18-4

Welcome to this exceptional contemporary home nestled in the heart of Centro, San Miguel de Allende. This remarkable property seamlessly combines modern elegance with the

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Cardo 4

Nestled along the tree-lined Callejon Cardo, just a stone’s throw away from Juarez Park, this elegant residence invites you into a world of tranquility. Welcome

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Casa Novem

Welcome to Casa Novem, your dream home in the heart of the historic Centro of San Miguel de Allende. This stunning Colonial house, meticulously designed

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Casa Legorreta San Miguel de Allende

Casa Legorreta

An architectural jewel from the late internationally renowned architect Ricardo Legorreta. the first Latin AIA Gold Medal winner. On the market for the first time,

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